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Warehouse management system

Van den Bos Freshpartners has strong warehouse management characterized by:

  • direct communication between client and logistics officer
  • automated reporting
  • barcode scanning
  • track & trace functionality

Automatic e-mail notifications

We work with a WMS (Warehouse Management System). This WMS system can send clients automatic e-mails, if desired. The types of reports we send automatically include inventory lists, entry notes, delivery receipts, production orders, and invoices. We can send these reports separately to different e-mail addresses within your company in order to inform the right people. This keeps you up to date on all of our processes.

Your fruit and vegetable products are in good hands with our Warehouse Management System.

Fresh logistics certificate

Barcode scanning

Each incoming pallet receives a sticker with a unique pallet number and barcode. All of our warehouse employees have a mobile barcode scanner, which is linked to our WMS system. The sticker is scanned each time the pallet is moved, for example during storage, relocation, or order picking.

The main advantages of the RF barcode scanner are:

  • Tracking and tracing
  • Inventory reliability
  • Preventing errors

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