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Van den Bos Freshpartners has several certificates and accreditations. The most important ones have been outlined below.
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Van den Bos Freshpartners holds the AEO customs simplification certificate and has a type C customs warehouse. This certificate is valid throughout the European Union.

AEO - Authorized Economic Operator

The AEO F (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate was awarded by the Dutch customs administration. This certificate provides us with various international trade advantages, one of which is a more flexible inspection process for cross-border trade, which reduces delays. We meet several safety criteria in order to retain the status of AEO. These criteria are based on the Customs Code and the associated implementing regulations.

We hold the AEO customs simplification certificate and have a type C customs warehouse. This certificate is valid throughout the European Union. We are also a certified inspection location for:

  • KCB
  • NVWA
  • BKD

View our AEO certificate

More information about AEO - Authorized Economic Operator

Fast and efficient processing for the import and export of fruits and vegetables

Customs and the Dutch Quality Control Bureau

IFS Food & Logistics - International Food Standard

The International Food Standard is an important regulatory standard in the field of food safety. IFS works with four so-called ‘knock-out criteria’. If these criteria are not met, the supplier will automatically lose certification. The criteria are:

  • management of critical control points
  • involvement of management and staff
  • traceability of products, raw materials, and packaging materials
  • implementation of corrective measures

Who supports the IFS?
International and European trade associations, logistics companies, and industrial enterprises work together in IFS Working Groups, receive IFS certification, and require their business partners to become certified as well.

See our IFS Food certificate
See our IFS Logistics certificate

More information about IFS Food & Logistics - International Food Standard

Quality control of organic fruits and vegetables for import and export

Quality control of organic fruits and vegetables
Van den Bos Freshpartners holds the Skal Biocontrole certificate.

Skal Biocontrole

Skal Biocontrole was appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation to monitor organic production in the Netherlands. This monitoring process consists of on-site inspections of the company and the business administration and analyses of on-site samples. All companies that import organic foodstuffs must have the proper certification. Both the physical importer and the physical recipient must be certified.

We have Skal certification for:

  • Storing organic fruits and vegetables
  • Importing and exporting organic fruits and vegetables

See our Skal Biocontrole certificate

More information about Skal Biocontrole

We set high standards for sorting and packaging fruits and vegetables.

Sorting and packaging organic fruits and vegetables

Nekovri - Association of Dutch Cold Storage and Freezing Warehouses

Nekovri is the most important organization in the Netherlands in the field of logistics and temperature-sensitive products. Nekovri members are transport companies that provide refrigerated and frozen transport and cold storage services to third parties. These members increasingly develop into reliable logistics partners for producers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers.

More information about Nekovri

Optimum temperature and humidity control

Cold storage of organic fruit and vegetable products

International Certification Bio Suisse

Bio Suisse certificate
It is an overall system of farm management and food production which combines best environmental practices, a high level of
biodiversity and preservation of natural resources to reach the level required by the Swiss market.

View our International Certification Bio Suisse:

Preparing fruits and vegetables for air transport


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