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Fresh logistics & cold storage

On 1 November 2013, Van den Bos Freshpartners – part of the Van den Bos Groep in Honselersdijk – opened a fully renovated cold storage facility at the Agri Business Centre Westland in Poeldijk.

Van den Bos Freshpartners offers a comprehensive range of services that gives customers the opportunity to partially or completely outsource the logistic processing of organic fruits and vegetables. This includes: refrigerated storage and transshipment, cross-docking, customs clearance, Dutch Quality Control Bureau inspection, container and distribution transport, packaging, repackaging, sorting and quality control.

Fresh logistics services

All services under one roof and on one invoice

Fresh logistics services

Total fruit and vegetable logistics

We focus primarily on companies that want to outsource their entire logistics operations. In addition to sound industry knowledge, these companies demand and expect involvement, flexibility, a proactive approach, and a commitment to retaining the quality of the product. This applies to cold storage and to all other value-added services. Instead of filling our portfolio with several major clients, we deliberate opt for diversification. As it happens, there is a hole in the market for this type of focus and approach. We started making a name for ourselves in 2013, after acquiring several national and international clients.

Extensive experience and network in the refrigerated storage and transhipment of fruits and vegetables

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Van den Bos Group

Van den Bos Group strengthened its team with several employees who have extensive experience and a comprehensive network in the refrigerated storage and transhipment of fruits and vegetables. Van den Bos Group originally specialized in the international sale and refrigeration of lily bulbs.. The extension fits the group’s strategy to further develop as a logistics service provider and draw on the group’s available expertise and capacity.

Want to outsource all of your logistics needs?

We offer logistics solutions for refrigerated storage and transhipment, cross-docking, customs clearance, KCB inspection, container and distribution transport, packaging, repackaging, sorting, and quality control.